Special cleaner for outdoor Areas removes common dirt and slippery green deposits from terraces, steps, paths, walls, etc.Quarry tiles, stone, concrete, plaster and wood are thoroughly cleaned and brightened up.? Concentrate? Self acting and preventive? Easy and safe to use?...
Removes stubborn dirt deposits, grease, oil and wax films. Suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles, slabs, quarry tiles and hard natural stones.• Highly effective• Gentle due to nano-particles• Hardly any odourFor Technical Information - click here
Lithofin BERO Rust Remover
Natural stones often contains traces of iron which may oxidise and turn to rust within the stone when they come in contact with water either through rain or cleaning. Lithofin BERO is specifically formulated to remove these bothering blemishes. This...
Lithofin KF Active Clean
*Price excludes GSTFor the regular maintenance of bathrooms and sanitary areas, promoting shine and hygienic cleanliness. Removes lime scale, soap scum, body oils, rust, grease deposits from baths and showers. Cleans chrome, basins, toilets, ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, stainless...
*Prices exclude GSTDesigned for cleaning newly installed ceramic and porcelain surfaces such as fully vitrified tiles, quarry tiles, clay pavers, etc. Effortlessly removes grout residues, builders dirt, cement, rust, lime, efflorescence and other hardened dirt layers.? Concentrate? Acid-based? Acts rapidly?...
Lithofin KF Grout Protector
*Prices exclude GSTFor protecting cement-based grout in ceramic surfaces. Protects against water, oil, grease and general dirt?s making maintenance easier. Easy to apply Safe to use Invisible Long term protection Water-based For Technical Information - click hereFor Safety Data Sheet...
Lithofin KF HyClean Spray
*Prices exclude GSTA mildly alkaline, ready to use cleaner based on high quality and fast acting cleaning components.  Specifically developed for kitchen surfaces made from ceramics.For regular, every-day cleaning of all ceramic surfaces, especially kitchen counter tops, table and bar...
*Prices exclude GSTFor occasional thorough cleaning or regular cleaning of floors subjected to heavy use. Removes stubborn dirt, oil and grease and care product residues from internal and external tiles including grout lines. Suitable for all ceramic and porcelain tiles.?...
Lithofin KF Mildew-Away Spray
*Prices exclude GSTRemoves black spots, mould, fungus, algae and other organic discolorations in sanitary areas. Effective on tiles, silicon and cement joints, on plaster, stone and masonry.? Easy and safe to use? Acts rapidly? Contains chlorineFor Technical Information - click...
Lithofin KF Silicone Remover
* Price excludes GSTLithofin KF Silicone Remover* is used as a cleaning aid for silicone stains and to remove old silicone joints. Suitable for all solvent- and acid-resistant ceramic tiles, sanitary porcelain, glass, acrylic and much more. The viscous consistency...
Lithofin KF Stain-Stop >W<
*Prices exclude GSTFor sealing newly installed polished porcelain tiles. Prevents penetration of water, oil, grease and general dirt?s making maintenance easier. Also protects cement-based grout lines. Premium protection Water-based Invisible Ready-to-use
*Prices exclude GSTFor continuous care of floors subjected to normal levels of wear. Cleans and maintains rough and polished surfaces streak-free making them even more attractive. Concentrate ? very high yield Free of wax Mildly alkaline Does not form layers...
Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner Spray
*Prices exclude GSTLithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner is a ready-to-use, acid free cleaner designed specifically for stone showers, especially sensitive material such as marble and limestone.This fast acting & easy to use cleaner is highly effective at removing soap scum, body...
Lithofin MN Care Kit for Quartz Composite Bench Tops
For regular cleaning and maintenance of Engineered Stone tops and vanities, to clean, refresh, and maintain.Includes: MN Power Clean 500ml                MN Refresh 250ml                MN Easy-Clean 500ml
For every-day cleaning of small stone surfaces such as kitchen bench-tops, tabletops, bathroom vanity tops and wall tiles. Enhances the appearance of the stone and leaves a pleasant odour.? Cleans, protects and maintains? Ready to use? Does not leave streaks?...
*Prices exclude GSTDeveloped for continuous care of all types of stone surfaces. Cleans, enhances, and maintains the surface in one action. Coarse and polished surfaces become increasingly beautiful and richer in colour and structure with regular use. Ideal for impregnated...
*Prices exclude GSTRemoves stubborn green and dark deposits as well as stains caused by trees or flowers from all natural and artificial stone surfaces. Flagstones, pavier, walls, paths, etc. are immediately restored to their original colour. Highly effective Fast acting...
Lithofin MN Polish - Liquid wax
*Prices exclude GSTSolvent based liquid wax for enhancing and polishing stone surfaces, provides gloss and protection.For Technical Information Sheet - click hereFor Safety Data Sheet - click here
For thorough cleaning in case of severe general and greasy dirt, residues of floor care products, etc.For regular cleaning of high-traffic and outdoor areas such as shopping centres and food courts. For final cleaning of new surfaces at building sites....
Lithofin MN Protector for Composite
*Prices exclude GSTProtective treatment for rouch, antique and polished surface finishesIdeally suited for kitchen work tops, vanity tops.Simplifies maintenance and helps prevent staining. Enhances colour Does not form layers
Lithofin MN Slate Oil
*Prices exclude GSTSolvent-based for protecting and maintaining Marble, Terrazzo, Natural and Enginered Stones. Strongly intensifies the colour and produces a slight gloss while also rendering the surface water repellent.For Technical Information - click here
Lithofin MN Slate-Seal
*Prices exclude GSTPremium quality glossy sealer for rough and honed natural and concrete stone surfaces. Embellishes the appearance and facilitates maintenance.For Technical Information - click here
*Prices exclude GSTPremium quality colour enhancing impregnator designed specifically for darker natural stones such as Absolute Black; Titanium; Jet Black etc. Makes dark stones even darker and is suitable for benchtops, table-tops, vanities etc. For Technical Information - click hereFor Safety...
*Prices exclude GSTImproves the appearance of rough, absorbent natural and concrete stone surfaces. Enhances the colours, accentuates the structure, and makes water and dirt repellent.? Ready to use? For indoor and outdoor use? No gloss? Contains solvents? Ideal for concrete...

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