Foredom SR2230 Motor Kit
Foredom SR Motor 1/6hp 18000rpm with flex shaft No 30 handpiece features a geared 3-jaw chuck that accepts any size shank or drill bit up to 5/32"
Foredom SR2275 Motor
Foredom SR Motor 1/6hp 18000rpm with flex shaft No 44T handpiece with 3 collets in 2.34mm, 3mm, 6mm
Foredom No 44T Handpiece
The H.44T is a collet type handpiece that accepts accessories with up to 6mm diameter shanks. Has prelubricated ball bearings that require no additional lubrication. Comes with 2.34mm, 3mm, 6.00mm collets.Member of the Foredom system of "Interchangeable Handpieces"
Foredom motor hanger with mounting clamp
Foredom MM1050 Micro Motor
Foredom Micro Motor 50000rpm with MH-150 high speed brushless handpiece K.1050 Dual Port Kit comes with One Handpiece: • Brushless rotary handpiece connects to port in the back of the control box. It runs virtually vibration free with high torque throughout...
Foredom MM1070 Micro Motor
Foredom Micro Motor 38000rpm with MH-170 high speed rotary handpiece For high speed applications up to 38,000 rpm including light deburring of cast pieces, bright cutting in jewelry making and fine detailing in wood. Kit includes control box, handpiece with...
Foredom No 20 Handpiece
Foredom No 20 handpiece quick release 2.34mm collet The H.20 is for use ONLY with 3/32″ (2.35mm) shank burs. A lever action on the the handpiece body is all that is required to change accessories. It has a molded plastic...
Foredom No 15 Handpiece
Foredom No 15 hammer handpiece for stone setting The H.15 Handpiece has hammering rather than rotary action for use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) by jewelers for stone setting and decorative work. Comes with an anvil point.  It requires periodic lubrication....
Foredom No 8 Handpiece
Foredom No 8 handpiece with 2.35mm and 3.18mm collets This handpiece is a slim collet type handpiece with pre-lubricated ball bearings that require no additional lubrication. It has a chuck guard that slides back when changing burs. 
Foredom No 30 Handpiece
Foredom No 30 handpiece with 3 jaw chuck (up to 4mm) This general purpose handpiece has prelubricated ball bearings that do NOT require any additional lubrication. 
Foredom MH-160 high speed rotary handpiece with ergonomic, comfortable grip is brushless with long-lasting ball bearings and easy burr changes – twist to release or lock burr. 5' long handpiece cord. Includes 2.35mm collect  ONLY for use with Foredom K.1060...
Foredom MH-150 handpiece features a brushless motor design with a high torque motor that is powerful even at minimum speeds. The sealed housing eliminates dust, noise, and vibration, and theres never a need to replace carbon brushes. Includes 2.35mm collet.  ...
Benchtop controller for MH-160 Foredom Micro Motor 1000 - 50000rpm
Control Unit HP4-617 for separate purchase: 15cm wide x 20cm deep x 11cm high, 1.8m cord, 50/60 Hz, 250 Input Watts, Dial sets precise speed & selects a maximum speed for operation with foot control LED digital speed display Select:...
Foredom MM1040 Micro Motor
Two speed settings Setting 1 - High torque and speed up to 50,000rpm Setting 2 - 500 RPM to 5000RPM 230V Kit includes control box with digital display ,an ergonomic handpiece with 2.34mm collet installed, variable speed foot pedal, handpiece...
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