Omnicubed Automatic Stealth Seamer Pump Kit (VMP-600)
The Seam Setter Pump Kit is compatible with all Omni Cubed seam setters, and can be used to equip previous models with the latest pump technology. The powerful, yet compact, automatic vacuum pump operates on AC power or eight AA...
Omnicubed Pro Stealth Seamer (8 Cups) Manual
ULTIMATE SEAM CONTROLALL-NEW FEATURES Gray, non-marking vacuum cups won't stain light materials?bring on the white marble! Cups feature completely closed, triple sealing rings and are composed of a proprietary rubber that conforms to textured and porous surfaces for a strong,...
OMNICUBED 1830mm (6ft) OR 2440mm (8ft) Sink Hole Saver - Designed to strengthen countertops with cutouts during lifting and transportation. also helps prevent breakages in fragile stone with difficult access. Fast and easy to use, effortless tightening, long lasting with quality...
OMNICUBED Vacuum Sink Hole Saver™ is a surface-mounted reinforcement system that strengthens fragile materials during lifting, transportation, and installation.  The surface-mount feature provides a unique solution for wall panels and high-low installation applications. The 6" vacuum cups slide and lock for...
OMNICUBED 4ft / 1220mm Vacuum Sink Hole Saver? mounts to the surface of stone for reinforcement during lifting, transport, and installation. The surface-mount feature provides a unique solution for wall panels and high-low installation applications. The 6" vacuum cups slide and...
Omnicubed Mega-jaw carry clamp 226kg capacity per pair 0-60mm
The Mega-Jaw?  is a quick and easy, gravity-assisted carry clamp. The Clamps distribute the weight to both arms, reducing strain and enabling safer, more ergonomic carrying of stone.Mega-Jaws open wide (up to 61mm) and can accommodate up the 226kg per...
SINKLOC - Sink positioning tool, quickly position sinks with this slotted aluminium frame that has a cushioned rubber surface to protect the stone. Is available in single sink (24") or double sink sizes (42")
The Miter-It™ clamp is an easy-to-use jig that allows finished-side-up miter laminations. Not flipping the material offers numerous benefits including increased safety for workers, reduced risk of damage to the material and keeping the seam in view during lamination.   ...
Diarex 200mm Vacuum gripper metal handle pump action 120kg capacity
DIAREX 8" Vacuum Lifter with hand pump , 200mm single vacuum cup with full metal handle and brass pump.120 Kg lifting capacity.
*Prices exclude GST MitreForma Clamp, is designed specifically for creating mitred fascia in a quick, precise and fool-proof way. The MitreForma Clamp creates high quality 90 degree seams. Available in two sizes, the MitreForma Clamp cuts preparation time by up...
OmniCubed Pro Dolley HD2 transport trolley
*This item will be subject to additional freight charges.OMNICUBED PRO-DOLLY -PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Easily and safely transports heavy stone Reduces strain and risk of injury Wide clamp opening for tops with thick edge details Low profile provides more height clearance Clamps...
OmniCubed Pro-Cart AT2 complete with folding kit
*This item will be subject to additional freight charges.The Pro-Cart AT2 is Omni Cubed?s new generation all-terrain countertop installation cart.The AT2 includes the same features as the popular AT1 model, with even more benefits. The AT2 features collapsible clamp uprights...
SELF LOCKING TROLLEY  - with detachable handle Load Capacity 400 Kg's Weight 27 Kg's Support Plate 500mm long Pneumatic tyres 400 x 85mm Grip range 0-85mm **M100 / 0-100mm grip range option available**
Aardwolf Flip Trolley
This item will be subject to additional freightThe Flip Trolley is designed with four flexible support bars that can be adjusted to fold down horizontally to ease the loading of stone slabs. The load bearing surfaces of these support bars...
Aardwolf stone buggy double 1220mm long double-sided rubber lined W.L.L 600kg
*This item will be subject to additional freight charges.Double sided workshop buggy with solid rubber wheels and 3 x swivel wheels. Max Load Capacity 750 Kg's Length 1220mm Height 1150mm Width 900mm
OmniCubed Pro Dolley transport trolley
*This item will be subject to additional freight charges.OMNICUBED PRO-DOLLY - Use alone for smaller tops or in pairs for transporting very large and heavy countertops.Low profile cart that clamps to the stone and stays attached.Clamps material up to 69mm...
Omni Cubed Pro-Lift Automatic 28V INTL Charger
*This item will be subject to additional freight charges.The Pro-Lift allows safer transport and installation of countertops. Reduce physical strain and risk of injury Safely lower, transport, and lift large slabs Enables controlled tilt for easier counter-top installation Wireless remote...
Aardwolf small slab trolley 400mm long / 300kg capacity max load width 75mm
*This item will be subject to additional freightSMALL SLAB TROLLEY - Load Capacity 300 Kg's Weight 10Kg's Support Plate 400 x100mm Solid rubber wheels 200 x 50mm
Aardwolf Truck Transport Frame 2100, max load 7500kg 1960x380x2200
This item will be subject to additional freightAARDWOLF Transport frame with removable handle and 8 x clamping bars. Max Load Capacity 7500 Kg's Weight 210 Kg's Length 1850mm Width 1800mm Height 2063mm
Aardwolf Transport Frame 1850QP with rubber lining & clamping, max load 2500kg
*This item will be subject to additional freightThe Aardwolf QP Transport Frame can be used for internal or external transport of stone slabs: Max Load Capacity 2500Kgs Weight 246 Kg's Length 1850mm Width 1280mm Height 2110mm Load Height 1657mm

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