Crystalite Miniflex Discs
Crystalite Miniflex Disc 1” diamond plated PSA backing Available in Grits 70 - 3500 R=RESIN
Crystalite Miniflex Mandrels
Crystalite Miniflex Disc 1” and 1/2" available  
Keylock Disc Ø25mm
Keylock Flexis Disc Ø25mm in 60 grit only - product to be discontinued
Keylock Holder Ø25mm
Keylock Holder Ø25mm to use with Keylock Discs Ø25mm
Keylock Disc Ø50mm
Keylock Flexis Disc Ø50mm in various grits
Keylock Holder Ø45mm
Keylock Holder Ø45mm to use with Keylock Discs Ø50mm
Keylock Disc Ø75mm
Keylock Flexis Disc Ø75mm in various grits
Keylock Holder Ø75mm
Keylock Holder Ø75mm to use with Keylock Discs Ø75mm
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