Special cleaner for outdoor Areas removes common dirt and slippery green deposits from terraces, steps, paths, walls, etc.Quarry tiles, stone, concrete, plaster and wood are thoroughly cleaned and brightened up.? Concentrate? Self acting and preventive? Easy and safe to use?...
Removes stubborn dirt deposits, grease, oil and wax films. Suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles, slabs, quarry tiles and hard natural stones.• Highly effective• Gentle due to nano-particles• Hardly any odourFor Technical Information - click here
Lithofin BERO Rust Remover
Natural stones often contains traces of iron which may oxidise and turn to rust within the stone when they come in contact with water either through rain or cleaning. Lithofin BERO is specifically formulated to remove these bothering blemishes. This...
*Prices exclude GSTRemoves stubborn green and dark deposits as well as stains caused by trees or flowers from all natural and artificial stone surfaces. Flagstones, pavier, walls, paths, etc. are immediately restored to their original colour. Highly effective Fast acting...
Lithofin MPP Marble Polishing Powder
*Prices exclude GST(Oxalic acid based) for restoring dull areas and renewing the natural polish of calcium-containing natural stone i.e. marble, limestone, etc. Can be machine-polished to high gloss. Not suitable for granite, gneiss and similar hard stones. Concentrate Highly effective...
Lithofin Oil-Ex Tube
*Prices exclude GSTOil-Stain Remover removes stubborn grease and deep oil stains from natural and engineered stone. Also for removal of discolouration on peripheral zones in case of silicon joints and for removal of stubborn wax. Also for polished stone surfaces Easy-to-apply...
Lithofin WAX-OFF
*Prices exclude GSTWax and Oil Remover removes layers of wax, sealants, tar, oil stains, lacquer, glue and whiteout. Ready-to-use Deep acting Contains solvents For Technical Information - click here
Lithofin Rust-Ex acid free rust remover for marble and limestone
*Prices exclude GSTMildly alkaline cleaner for removing all kinds of rust stains and residues of metal oxide. Suitable for all ceramic surfaces, marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, concrete, artificial stone and can even be used for single spot stains. This acid...
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