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CleanSpace (2023) CST Particulate Filter P3 standard TM3 (3pk)
CleanSpace CST Particulate Filters TM3 P3 are suitable for protection against airborne particulates (dust, mists, fumes) with a particulate filtration efficiency ? 99.97%.CleanSpace CST1005 filters are compatible with the CleanSpace PRO Power Unit (CST1002) and CleanSpace ULTRA Power Unit (CST1012).CleanSpace CST...
CleanSpace (2023) CST Cleaning & Storage Plug
The CleanSpace CST Cleaning and Storage Plug is designed to be used only with the CleanSpace CST ULTRA Power Unit (CST1012).With the filter removed from the CleanSpace CST ULTRA Power Unit, this accessory is used to seal all openings (both...
The CleanSpace Half Masks are specifically designed to work to complete the CleanSpace PAPR system. Compatible with all CleanSpace Respirators, the Half Masks clip quickly onto the power units and are easily unclipped for cleaning. The Half Masks are made...
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